What is the difference between a website template and a custom website?

A website template is a pre-designed set of web pages that allow you to enter your own information and images to create a website. They may look aesthetically pleasing, but they have limited SEO functionality (which is essential in getting represented on Google search engine results), and they’re not unique unless you alter the existing coding and framework (this can cause theme update issues).

A custom website is tailor-made from the ground up specifically for your business and its goals. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and you can create whatever look you desire (making it one-of-a-kind); they have significant SEO functionality, helping you to rank high in search engine results, which leads to more leads and profits; they’re also easy to update yourself.

Without a doubt, custom websites are the choice of serious startups and small businesses.

How much do you charge?
Please get in touch for a custom quote. Every project is different. We are not here for significant profits. We want to help others do great things.
How long will it take from initial strategy meeting to finished website?

This varies between clients, but a general rule would be to allow 8-12 weeks in total to ensure a smooth and comprehensive process.

Do you offer any other services, like digital marketing or social media?
Yes we do! You can read about our social media offering here. Please contact us to discuss how our skills in digital marketing can help you.
Do I need to be based in Adelaide to use your services?

Not at all! We currently have wonderful clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania, in addition to Adelaide.

While we are based here in Adelaide, we are happy to work with people all around Australia. If you’re interstate, we like to set up business meetings over Skype / Facetime, but otherwise a majority of communication occurs via phone call or email.

My restaurant is in Adelaide. I see you are based in Cairns. Can you still help me?
Yes, we definitely can! We both grew up in Adelaide and go back and forth throughout the year whilst maintaining a consistent and highly satisfied client base there. Due to the nature of web design, our work is done remotely, which has given us the flexibility to spend time up in tropical North Queensland. This doesn't detract at all from what we can achieve for your business. You are more than welcome to have a personal chat with some of our Adelaide clients to get a feel for the high level of service and expertise you will receive from us. Feel free to get in touch for more information.
Do you build eCommerce stores as well?

Yes, absolutely! For more information please read the 'How much do you charge?' FAQ above.

Which Content Management System (CMS) do you use?

We use WordPress and find it to be the most functional and efficient for the types of websites we build.

Do you provide web hosting, domain registration & ongoing maintenance?

Yes, we do! Hosting starts at $9/m, domain registration at $25/domian (depending on domain type) and maintenance packages from $75/m.

Will I own the finished product?

Yes. Hazelnut Creative reserves the right to display our work for portfolio and marketing purposes; however, you are the sole owner of the created website and branding materials for the purpose of marketing your business.

Do you outsource overseas?

No. We are 100% local. A two-person team wanting to help people succeed. Read more about us here.

I already have a website. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! We can utilise your website's existing framework to make/suggest any changes, or to implement new branding materials.

What makes you different to other web development companies?

Many things. Firstly, we work closely with you throughout the whole process. You deal directly with us. We care about your outcome and want you to succeed. We go on the journey with you and believe in keeping in touch. We only work with a small number of clients for this reason.

Over the years, we've worked with numerous restaurant, cafe and hospitality clients. We are very confident of our knowledge in this field and can happily advise on strategies that have worked consistently well for other clients, in addition to streamlining important business processes for you.

Unlike bigger companies, our focus is not on profits. We genuinely love what we do and want you to lead a happy life. Part of that means your business is successful. We charge what we charge so we can put food on our plates, but we aren’t greedy.

We believe in giving back and helping the less fortunate in the world. We hope that by spreading this message we attract some like-minded businesses to work with who compliment our skillset.

Got a question that isn’t answered here? Then send us an email to [email protected]