Hazelnut Creative Team - Kate & Simon

Web design and branding for restaurants and cafes.

We’re a local Cairns/Northern Beaches team who can help your business thrive!

Why Us?

  • We’re freelance, which means we’re super affordable. You get high quality work for lower costs. This is simply because we have less overheads!
  • We’re a small team of two, Simon & Kate, and we care about your outcome. We work closely with you to ensure you get the best result with a personalised experience.
  • We custom-build our websites. This means we avoid the slow themes many of your competitors are using. It gives you greater flexibility and customisation as well, while improving the speed and user experience for your customers. Your website will be fully-functional on desktop, mobile and tablet devices as well!
  • We have years of experience and many happy clients all around Australia.

Why our Freelance Model just works!

Most businesses don’t have the room to fork out thousands upon thousands of dollars for a high-end web design firm.

We looked at this problem and thought – “We can offer the high-end expertise, without the ridiculous price tag!” And that’s what our clients love. We’ve worked with small businesses, cafes, restaurants and even fellow freelancers!

Our service is personalised, efficient and professional.

If you need:

  • A high-functioning cafe or restaurant website (including e-commerce integration and WordPress development)
  • A new logo or graphic design work
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) framework for ranking on Google

Then we're confident our freelance model will suit you!

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